Warranty claim placement - warranty administration, warranty claim placement, progress enquiries, reporting.

  • Provides the warrantor's warranty claim administration department with early notice of parts being returned.
  • Provides an opportunity to significantly reduce administrative costs.


The warranty claims administration process presents a simplified and standardised format of transactions between customer and warrantor with the result that claim formats are consistent and therefore able to be resolved quickly.

The transmission of warranty claims simultaneously with repair purchase orders is an option that provides administration with early notice of parts being returned.

Warranty claims may be submitted using a standard format message, and the warrantor must respond with an acknowledgement message. The claimant may also send a claim status enquiry message concerning any (all) items in the claim. The warrantor will provide a response on the status of the claim.

When a claim is resolved, the warrantor should provide a resolution message, to which the claimant responds with an acknowledgement message.

SPEC 2000 Warranty Claim Placement Message Summary


W1CLMXMT - Warranty Claim Placement
Enables the customer to enter warranty claims directly into a warrantor's system, using three predefined screens on which to input full details of the part or parts in question.

W1CLMINQ - Warranty Status Inquiry
Allows the customer to quickly obtain the latest status of a warranty claim in a warrantor's system.


W1CDNXMT- Warranty Claim Disposition
Allows the warrantor to send details of the current status of a warranty claim to the customer, including the results of tests, labour costs and approved materials, for example, thus speeding up the repair process.

W1CLMRSP - Inquiry Response
Provides the claimant with the response data requested on W1CLMINQ, enabling the warrantor to quickly respond with real-time details of a claim.


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