Blue Flag Technologies places a high priority on service and support and achieves a consistently high standard - both pre-sale and post-sale. Our customer support is well known to be the most comprehensive and reliable within the SPEC2000 industry.

Blue Flag Technologies places a high priority on service and support and achieves a consistently high standard - both pre-sale and post-sale. Our customer support is well known to be the most comprehensive and reliable within the SPEC2000 industry.

Blue Flag Technologies provides a 3 tier approach to Customer Support. The first level of support is a detailed help option incorporated into the software, the second level is a selection of more detailed documents on various aspects of the software available as required and the third level of support is provided by our highly trained U.K. based support team, who can be contacted by phone, fax, freeform message or e-mail. All support issues are logged onto our help desk system to ensure your information is always on hand.



Project Management covers the organisation and management of all the various components required to install or upgrade your SPEC2000 system, including:

  • Procurement of the IATA Communications Network. (ARINC, SITA or other).
  • Advise on upgrading your hardware.
  • The SPEC2000 software and it's installation, either on-site or via a remote capability.
  • Delivering any training required.

Project management will be provided at cost and can be quoted for individually.


Installing SPEC2000 is normally a straightforward process but some users may feel more comfortable with Blue Flag Technologies assisting directly.

Should you require detailed assistance, the current preferred method for Installation and Training is by means of remote access software such as PC Anywhere Microsoft Net Meeting or WIN Vnc etc.

Training should ideally take place in groups of about three people. If a large number of users require training, there are two options.

  1. Train a selection of two or three staff to a high level and allow them to train the other users. This way, key people have a detailed knowledge of the system and can help and support other users within your company.
  2. You can opt for a lecture-style training session which imparts the knowledge but has less hands-on experiential learning during the session.


This service is invaluable to any company looking to integrate SPEC2000 with host applications using SPECCOMM Plus.

We will work closely with you to ensure that we fully understand your requirements and will endeavor to provide clear and concise advise. Our areas of expertise cover from the initial procurement of a communications transport method for your SPEC2000 system, right through to interfacing your messages to your host system.

We can also advise on the right choice of hardware set-up, operating system, including the intricacies of setting up and using MS Remote Desktop Services for your SPEC2000 environment, should this be your prefered operating system choice.

We will work with you to ensure that your installation is the perfect fit for your organisation, including customising areas of the software to ensure it's just right.



Our Message Configuration Service is available to assist with your configuration needs.

When SPECCOMM Plus is purchased, and the software has been installed, configuration or message mapping can be carried out to your specified requirements. All we need is the required incoming and outgoing file format, or database structure for each message beforehand, and we will set up SPECCOMM Plus to change each SPEC2000 message into your chosen file or database format.

We can provide a complete mapping service at our site in Worthing, West Sussex. All you need to do is provide us with the specification of the files that we are required to produce, plus examples of the files themselves to validate the process. Our in-house configuration service will reduce your lead-time in going live, as the only remaining programming will be how you wish to handle the SPEC2000 messages within your Host Application


Whenever the ATA SPEC2000 Committee approves modifications to the SPEC2000 Specification (an SMR), we will amend our software accordingly, update any necessary documentation and send the updated version of the software and documentation to every customer with a current Annual Support and Upgrade Contract.

Our Development Team are continually enhancing our SPEC2000 software. We keep a “Wish List” where companies can suggest modifications to the software that will make it more effective in use. When released, the updated version of the software will include all enhancements to all customers with an Annual Support and Upgrade Contract.


The Annual Support and Upgrade Contract purchased with the product gives unlimited access to our Support Team. We ship our software with a defect-free warranty and will speedily resolve any issues that may arise.

Historically, most of the issues have arisen from hardware or interface problems but nonetheless, our Support Team is available to give as much help as possible to make your use of SPEC2000 as smooth as possible.


In the event of an unforeseen catastrophe, Blue Flag Technologies can quickly assist in disaster recovery procedures to help you get your SPEC2000 system up and running again in the shortest time possible.

Blue Flag Technologies can be on hand throughout the restoration process either on the telephone or remotely using remote control applications or both. 

Please note that Blue Flag Technologies Ltd can only assist, where you have a current Upgrade and Support contract.


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