Installing SPEC2000 is normally a straightforward process but some users may feel more comfortable with Blue Flag Technologies assisting directly.

Should you require detailed assistance, the current preferred method for Installation and Training is by means of remote access software such as PC Anywhere Microsoft Net Meeting or WIN Vnc etc.

Training should ideally take place in groups of about three people. If a large number of users require training, there are two options.

  1. Train a selection of two or three staff to a high level and allow them to train the other users. This way, key people have a detailed knowledge of the system and can help and support other users within your company.
  2. You can opt for a lecture-style training session which imparts the knowledge but has less hands-on experiential learning during the session.

For companies with no SPEC2000 experience, we recommend two days of training. On the first day, we will install the software then spend the rest of the day taking the users through the fundamental use of SPEC2000, how to add customer/supplier details and the basics of message sending and receiving. The second day concentrates on more detailed functionality of the software - the `bells and whistles' which make the use of SPEC2000 quicker and more efficient. The second day will also focus on any issues raised by users.

If the basics of SPEC2000 have already been mastered by your users, you may decide to opt for just one day or more detailed training.

Training Content

We tailor each training program to suit a company's individual requirements. Any combination of standard modules can be chosen:

Broad topic

Topic Detail

A global overview of SPEC2000 The relationship of the component parts - the ATA, Continental Data Graphics, Blue Flag Technologies and ARINC/SITA.
The scope of SPEC2000 Explanation of the different SPEC2000 modules and their application, including SPEC2000 Database and EDI capability
Software functionality An overview of the component parts of the software.
Software functionality Setting up a member of staff.
Software functionality Setting up trading partners.
Software functionality Sending and receiving messages and message turnaround.
Software maintenance Managing your SPEC2000 traffic and message summaries.
SPEC2000 Message content The application of each message type within your business.
SPEC2000 Message content The explanation of individual fields.

Please note: Training can cover as many or as few message types as you wish. The number of training days will depend on the modules chosen, the number of messages to be covered and the number of people to be trained.

Prices available on application.

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