The SPECCOMM Plus application automates your chosen SPEC2000 messages, thus enabling direct file transfer to a selection of databases e.g. MS-SQL, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Ingres, DB2, MS Access, ODBC etc., otherwise creating an ASCII file for transfer into your application.

Link SPEC2000 into your Main Computer Application

completely automates SPEC2000 by feeding messages directly to your main computer system, eliminating manual input operations.

SPECCOMM Plus is a generic product which has been designed to link to the maximum number of different platforms.

SPECCOMM Plus takes a SPEC2000 message and gives you two main options on how to transfer the message (direct database or flat ASCII file):

1. Direct Transfer into your host application

If your host application uses a compliant database (MS-SQL, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Ingres, DB2, MS Access, ODBC etc.), SPECCOMM Plus will read or write SPEC2000 messages directly to your Database.

2. Creating an ASCII file for your host to pick up and integrate

Alternatively, if your host does not use one of the compliant databases, SPECCOMM Plus can take a SPEC2000 message and map each field into the ASCII format that your main computer system can understand. It will then deliver the ASCII message into a directory situated either within your main computer system, or on the PC for your main computer system to pick up and use. Your main computer system will then drop the message response (if any) ASCII file into another directory for SPECCOMM Plus to pick up and translate back into SPEC2000 format and pass to the SPEC2000 software for validation before being sent across the Value Added Network to your trading partner.

There is no risk of anyone from outside your organisation accessing your main computer system as SPECCOMM Plus merely offers the information to your main computer system and it is up to you what your computer does with it when it receives it.

SPECCOMM Plus minimises the amount of programming required within your main computer system. However, there will be an amount of programming required within your main computer system to enable your software package to pick up the SPEC2000 ASCII file and integrate it, once it has been delivered into your main computer system by SPECCOMM Plus. Your main computer system will also have to deliver a response (if required) ready for SPECCOMM Plus to pick it up, configure it into a SPEC2000 message and send it across the ARINC/SITA Network/Blue Flag Technologies SPEC2000 Message Portal or direct if agreed with other trading partners.

As SPECCOMM Plus is user-configurable, if your software should change at any time, it is possible for you to reconfigure SPECCOMM Plus without further cost to you. What is more, if the SPEC2000 specification should alter, most changes can be made within SPECCOMM Plus to reflect the alterations, thus insulating your main computer system from much further programming work. Blue Flag Technologies can offer support assistance for configurations or a full configuration service at standard daily rates.

allows you to choose which messages you wish to integrate with your main computer system. You can integrate one or any combination of messages and then, once you are happy with the way they are functioning, integrate further SPEC2000 messages. SPECCOMM Plus allows you to build your integrated system at a speed that suits you.



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